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I have two and they are both well rounded and a pleasure to play with.

I am of course talking about game consoles namely my ps2 and Dreamcast. Each system has games that appeal to different people; this seems to be a point that many people seem to be missing. Now the age old argument of whose console is the best has come back again to haunt and taunt us again.

In all truth it never really went away, it just simmered whilst the behemoth that was widely called the Playstation took control. But now with the imminent arrival of the Gamecube and Xbox many little boys [and it is just boys] are beginning to get caught up in the 'revolutionary' new games and 'oh look graphics to die for'…etc.

In the 80's it was the three way battle between the C64, Amstrad and Spectrum which caused the fuss, but now in the naughties it is between PS2, Gamecube and Xbox.. or is it. This battle may be won actually on the quality of games released for each system.. or in other words which Sega games appear on each system. If you are reading this you have probably bought a Dreamcast, no doubt for Sega’s excellent games, or in the 'main reviewers' case 'Street Fighter'. Either way you are well aware that the 100 dc games to be released was in fact a lie, I wouldn't be surprised if half-life gets canned soon.  

Games make the system, and with Sega now taking up the oldest profession in the business and whoring itself to any willing child [nintendo] or geek [microsoft] or fonze [ps2!] that will take it, the quality of these next-next-next generation machines may actually improve.

Dedication is not what you need, it's competition. Sega games on every platform is good for gamers, other companies like 3DO may actually be forced to design a good army man game, miracles do happen. With Sega now a free agent along with all of it sub sections, the next generation system battle may well be between AM2 and Hitmaker. Sega is laughing, however dc owners are not with many of their games being moved to future consoles, bad vibes are emerging.

Capcom are another major player this time around as they will publish their fighting games on all major platforms, even going so far to release an arcade control set up compatible with all the consoles from Saturn onwards. This time around games may play an important part in a consoles success.

At present the only safe bet is PS2. So maybe its games have been a little slow it does have some good games available. I am not getting caught up in the Nintendo hype just yet, as I seem to remember their 'silicon graphics' tech demonstrating showing the power of the N64. Finally Microsoft, who are they appealing to? PC owners won't want Xbox, because they have their PC's and the long line of FPS and strategy games. I suppose Microsoft are appealing to those people who are amazed by graphics only, so boys then.

So what game is Microsoft publicising a lot? Well Dead or Alive 3 with new woman with brand new breast algorithm's, and Malice featuring…oh surprise a ickle tiny wide eye girl. Visual Candy for the boys. At time of writing I don't believe that there will be a great difference from Xbox/Gamecube/PS2 games, developers are a crafty bunch. Just look at the next generation footage of Lara Croft, this game looks better than MGS2 and Malice.

The coming console war will be between developers, maybe soon we will finally be given a single format gaming console. It is the most intelligent cause of action, and the name of this console, well judging by the more ridiculous names we are being treated to, I suggest…Angel Cakes.

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Fifi's are well rounded and fun to play with!

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