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Boot CD/disk tutorial

Temporary Problem, please follow the new brief instructions as below.  I will do a proper write up as soon as i feel better (got a flu at the moment!)

New link is:

This is the disc juggler version, not nero. Go to to get disc juggler!

Brief instructions:

Open disc juggler..

File > New

CD image > CD recorder

Browse the PC for the boot disk image in the top bit..

Choose ur CD writer in the box below.. make sure there is a blank CD loaded

Click the start button!


Below is the original tutorial but the nero boot disk image is missing:


This tutorial will show you how to create a ‘boot disk’ that allows you to play import games, backup games, special mp3 CDs and video CDs on your Dreamcast.


Equipment list

Nero boot disk image (1MB)

Nero burning Rom (demo)


Blank CD-R

And a CD Writer of course :)



1. Download the Nero Burning Rom and install it (providing you don't already have it installed).  Now download the Nero boot disk image from the link above.

2. Unzip the image file using WinZip

3. Put a blank CD into your CD-R drive, then double click the Nero boot disk image file.  It will load up in the Nero Burning Rom program.

4. Just click write, and it should start writing the image to the blank CD.

Now that you’ve got a Boot disk, head over to our Dreamcast MP3 tutorial and find out how you can play MP3’s on your Dreamcast!  Watch out for more tutorials, which you can use with your newly created Boot disk.

If you don't have a CD writer, but would like a boot disk, email me below (providing you live in the UK) and I'll be able to help.

Farooq Asif,

Comments, questions, suggestions?

-- “boot me up baby!”

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