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Release List May/June/July

Here is another release list for you guys! Now that the price drop in games has taken effect, even the best of these games are £29.99 or under. Great, huh?! Just check out the list and select a game you’re interested in! Buying the game should be no problem with (check the link in the right-hand column)… so go and pre-order or buy a copy of that game you’ve been so desperately wanting… now!!!

*NOTE - release dates are correct at time of publishing however are liable to change from their publishers therefore we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the dates*



Daytona USA 2001 (SEGA)

Yes, that game is finally seeing a European release… but no online play, I’m afraid. You’re actually probably best off importing this classic arcade racer… so check out Mikes feature on importing games to find out how!!!


The Next Tetris (Ubi Soft)

Now with no online play! Doesn’t that just eat at you?! Why do they take it out for? Why? I am going off SoE fast… they need to buck their ideas up quickly. Still, it’s Tetris! What more do you want?


Exhibition of Speed (Titus)

Sequel to a game that should never have been authorised for release on DC by Sega, Titus are releasing Roadsters 2 under the title Exhibition of Speed, whether this is to try and shake off the sour taste the original game left, or because it really is an Exhibition of Speed remains to be seen, I’m sure we’ll find out come May 18th.

Stupid Invaders (Ubi Soft)

A hilarious looking point-and-click adventure with some great characters and some groovy visuals. As it’s the only point-and-click on the DC, maybe those of you who enjoyed the Broken Sword and Monkey Island series on the PC should take a look!


Carrier (Xicat)

Eek! I (Andy) have just gone and bought this game on import… and now I find it IS going to be released in the UK! Contrary to what some people have said, a European release seems to be on still… and I’ll have a review of the US version up ASAP. My initial impressions for this title are extremely positive!!!

Coaster Works (Xicat)

Still on for a European release?! Looks like it! Make your own roller coaster and more on this game. Will it be any good?  Early reports from the States and Japan certainly seem to suggest it is, so roll on the 25th of May, for our very own Theme Park game!

Charge ‘N’ Blast (Xicat)

Another mindless shoot ‘em up from Sega but brought to us via Xicat Interactive however the other shoot ‘em ups of this kind were launch titles, is there any need for another with games like Half Life due out? Simple game, basically involving Charge(ing your weapon) ‘n’ (then) Blast(ing at anything that moves!)

Confidential Mission (SEGA)

SEGA’s new light gun game looks the biz, mixing gameplay elements from Time Crisis and Virtua Cop, fans of both series’ should be rejoicing! If for nothing else, buy it as another reason to own a DC light gun! There is only the fantastic House of the Dead 2 you can use it on anyway at the moment…

Iron Aces (Xicat)

Flight Sim set in World War 2 where as the pilot of several 1940’s planes, you have to endure various mission including bombing and Dog fighting scenarios. Again this has been well received in the states (well, as well received as console Flight Sims generally are anyway) and fans of the genre may well want to add this to their DC collection come the 25th of May.

Stunt GP (Virgin)

An RC racing game with the emphasis on performing stunts. Looking pretty good… will it be better than the sadly overlooked Re-Volt though, we’ll find out when it’s released!


Matt Hoffman’s Pro BMX (Activision)

Any BMX fans jealous of the Skateboarders amongst us because they got a decent Video game to play when it’s raining? Well great news, Matt Hoffman boasts the same control and precision of Tony Hawks Skateboarding, only with a BMX to pull off stunts on instead of the skateboard. DC version IS still coming to Dreamcast, it’s just when exactly it will come that is surrounded in mystery!

Evil Twin (Ubi Soft)

A twisted and warped platformer from French Gaming geniuses Ubi Soft, want to know what qualifications they have in Platform games? The fact that they made Rayman 2 should be reassuring enough huh? Easily one of the best 3D platformers on DC (and any other format for that matter) narrowly missing the crown that Mario 64 has kept for so many years, I’m sure Sonic 2 is gonna have a tough time keeping up with this game!




18 Wheeler American Pro Trucker (SEGA)

My preview showed you that this is another classic arcade conversion. The game is out on this day, and is well worth your money… if you have any. It won’t take up much of your time… if you have little.


Championship Surfer (Mattel)

NOOOOOO!!! Will no one learn that surfing games are not good business? No one likes them, and every one so far has been rubbish (okay… there has only been the one on the PS2 that I can remember, but they still seem pretty bad!). Still, if you’re into it, its out on this day, just don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Dragon Riders of Pern (Ubi Soft)

RPG style game from Ubi Soft based on the popular Pern series of novels, although for the average Joe Gamer, the major selling point is most likely that you can (as you’d expect given the title) fly a dragon! Ubi Soft has promised to keep the plot based along the novels and fans of Pern may well want to give this game a look!

Evil Dead: Hail To The King (THQ)

Oh no! They’re not releasing this here, are they? After terrible American reviews, this game should have been banned from a UK release. It looks so very bad… especially graphically, and apparently it has gameplay to match! Oh dear…Let’s just see whether THQ keep their promise on cleaning up and improving the European Version.

Half-Life  (Havas)

This seems to be the best game EVER, and it’s coming our way! While the online play has been removed, the single player experience is what its all about anyway! One heck of a game, and one of the few PC games worthy of a DC port. BRING IT ON!!! Now that the game is completed it could even make it out before this date!

Soldier of Fortune (Ubi Soft)

Another PC FPS ported to the DC… but this one is apparently the goriest game EVER with each enemy boasting 26 different points where they can be shot! If you like this kind of thing, maybe it’s for you. But haven’t we got plenty of PC ports already? WE NEED ORIGINALITY!!! But what the heck, another FPS can’t hurt.

Spiderman (Activision)

Looking good! Originally on the PSX, the game is being ported over by Trey-Arch and given a graphical overhaul just like Tony Hawks 1 + 2… meaning it will be the best version yet! I’ve played the PSX version, and that was very good! Just think about how it will look on the DC!


Pro-Pinball Trilogy (Empire Interactive)

The pinball game I previewed perhaps? Indeed it is! This looked all right, and although I’m not really anticipating its release too much, it looks like a blast. Fans of the PC version may well feel more than at home with the console version, although to get the most out of the game you need to have a VGA box as it’s in a resolution which is too high for TV screens.


Alone in the Dark 4: The New Nightmare (Infogrames)

WOOHOO! The return of the original survival-horror game! This baby is looking hot, and is another horror game for all of us to add to our collection! I like the look of this… a lot!!!

Sonic Adventure 2 (SEGA)

The first one was excellent. The second one is set to be even better! How, you ask?! Well, its faster running at a fluid and constant 60fps, has more action and leaves most of the RPG/exploration bits out (those bits kind of spoiled the first SA a little…). What we have on our hands could well be the greatest Sonic game and maybe even platformer ever to grace the DC! Excited? You should be!



Unreal Tournament (Infogrames)

With no online play, its looking like it may not beat the almighty Quake 3… but it is still looking pretty darn good! However, this game was meant to be played online… so it may not fare well without the online play bits. Also, I bet most of you won’t buy it now because of this. Don’t worry… I’m not planning to either…

Viva Rock Vegas (Virgin)

A Flintstones game based on the latest movie… an interesting Mario Kart clone from Virgin Interactive featuring Fred and all the other famous Flintstones characters, good news is that it’s a DC/PS2 titles which means it might actually have a next gen look to it, although Virgin seem to be keeping extremely hush hush about the game.


Black And White (SEGA)

Was on TBA, but now there are rumours amok that with the company doing the DC port going bust, Sega have scrapped the game.

Heroes of Might and Magic 3 (Ubi Soft)

Yet another Ubi game, developed by 3DO (their other famous franchise being Army men, although it’s famous for it’s unbelievable lack of quality rather than anything good) Might and Magic 3 is a near straight port of the classic PC RPG game. The Might and Magic series goes back along way on PC and is only just starting to make a name for itself in the console world, but those looking for a way to lose a weekend may well want to look into HOMAM3 as the games are particularly engrossing.




Crazy Taxi 2

It’s time to make some KERRAZY  MONEY once again as the ever-popular Crazy Taxi returns to DC. Hitmaker weren’t happy with the original Crazy Taxi as they didn’t feel it worked as well on a console as they’d have liked, so they set to work (just for us lucky DC owners) to Make Crazy Taxi 2, now most people would think that it’s just Crazy Taxi over again, but by the look of it, it’s going to be an experience a galaxy away from the original with new gameplay features such as the Crazy Jump, and mission based play, Crazy Taxi 2 is shaping up to be yet another AAA DC title to look forward to in the DC’s period of Limbo.



Outtrigger (SEGA)

AM2’s first stab at the FPS genre is looking to say the least, spectacular, a solid 60fps frame rate (that’s twice that of Quake 3 Arena and Unreal Tournament) 4 player Split Screen, and (unless Sega Europe pull a fast one yet again) Online death matches, no word on whether there will be mouse and keyboard support, but either way this 'lil gem is shaping up to be one to keep an eye on!



Conflict Zone: Peace Makers (Ubi Soft)

The DC's first Command and Conquer style RTS comes to us courtesy of Ubi Soft (very busy with DC at the moment!) Boasting Full 3D graphics, this could be a monster of a game provided they get it right… otherwise we could have a command and conquer 64 on our hands…which for those who don't know, ISN'T a good thing!


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