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Sonic Adventure 2 

Developer  Sonic Team
Publisher  Sega
Genre  Adventure

Can Sonic 2 Measure up?

With the other machines ready to launch their mascots next year, Sonic 2 has to make a big impact on the video gaming market.

Sonic Team is developing the game to be the most memorable on Dreamcast.   The team, Sonic USA, is working to exploit Dreamcast's true power.  We all know how fast and beautiful Sonic Adventure was but you can really see how out done it is by Sonic 2.  Not only is the Geometry more complex, the texture quality and variety are exquisite.  Against second generation PS2 titles, this spectacular use of textures is just the thing that will make Sonic 2 standout against its memory impaired brethren.

Just like last game the focus wont just wont be about Sonic.  There will be 5 playable character from previous sonic games.  While the specifics aren't out yet I do know that Knuckles will appear in the game as a playable character.  Dr. Robotnic has returned as Sonic's arch villain, and strangely enough he seems to be a playable character.  There is also a mysterious black Sonic that you'll be facing through the game.

Staying with Sonic's trendy image, Sonic will have new accessories to help him in his environments.  One item is shoes that allow Sonic to grind on surfaces like Jet Grind Radio.  Another is a board that sonic can ride on a board down the streets of San Francisco ( how sweet is that)! Mini games will also be an essential part of the game too.  The chaos will be back and you can raise them, communicate with them, and take care of them when they are sick.

Is it enough?  The first one is the top selling Dreamcast game ever, over 2 million copies sold world wide.  Hopefully, Sonic team can make a game that can stand up against the best the competition can offer.  We'll be checking this one out when it hits the shelves in 2001.


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