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Space Channel 5 

Developer  Sega
Publisher  Sega
Genre  Dance 
Release  09th Oct 2000


It’s coming! October 9th 2000! One of the most quirky, stylish, inspired and original games of the year is soon to arrive. So DCS decided to take a look at this dance overload . . . 


‘Space Channel 5? Huh?’, I hear you cry! The name might sound like it comes from a game along the lines of Starlancer, however, it is certainly not a space shooter! Read on…


So, what is Space Channel 5 (SC5) then???

Well, people, SC5 is a dancing game! Yes, you heard me right! A dancing game! You play sexy PVC clad Ulala, the pink-haired reporter who works for a TV station called Space Channel 5! You have been sent to Space Port 9 to cover the story of an alien invasion! Space Port 9 has been taken over by Teletubby like aliens called the Morolians who have captured many civilians, and are forcing them to dance!

Ulala gets ready to kick some alien butt... on the dance floor! You go girlfriend!!!

That is awful! So, how can Ulala help?

Well, our heroine must out-dance and even kill many of these Morolians to get back the hostages they have taken. The controls are simple enough. You follow the commands of the Morolians in time to the music. For instance, if a little Morolian says, ‘Up – Down – Up – Down – Chu – Chu – Chu!’, he simply means press up, down, up, down (on the directional pad) and the A button 3 times! Chu means shoot in Japanese, and so therefore lovely Ulala will fire at the cutesy Morolians when given this command!



"We don't know..." Replied the Teletubbies when Ulala asked them who was their favourite Spice Girl


Hmm… interesting. So, is that all then?

Oh course not you wally! Many of these Morolians have hostages with them, and if you out-dance the aliens, the hostages join your dancing posse, who follow you around for the rest of the level. Also, if you do badly, some of the members of your posse will become entranced by the aliens, and will be taken hostage again!

Another little thing thrown into the mix is the television ratings. With Ulala being the reporter she is, there are people watching at home! However, no one likes a bad dancer! To complete a level, you need to have over a certain percentage of the audience watching you! If you do not, you have failed the level. And, of course, the only way to boost your ratings is to dance like a pro!

"My contact lens!" Cried Ulala, as one fell to the floor after a particularly kinky dance move


Cool! So, what does the game look and sound like?

SC5 is one of the most stylish games around! It isn’t a fully 3D game either! It uses MPEG movies for the backgrounds! However, these work very well. They are colourful, and give the game a 60’s retro feel to it, as does the groovy music. The music is very catchy, and you will remember it for a long time after turning off your DC! The voices are also very good and give the game a certain enthusiasm, which lifts it to a higher state. Also, you should be surprised to know that the characters in the game consist of a low number of polygons…


What? Why? Shouldn’t there be a lot because of the lack of anything else 3D?

Well, that is not really the case. If you would let me finish, I was about to say that there is a reason.


Oh. Carry on then!

Right, okay! The fact is that there are many, many characters throughout the game! All of the humans are individual, and you will never get anyone identical to anyone else, which is very cool! Your posse can consist of double figures, and you also meet many Morolians and other rivals on your journey round the station!



Well, having only played the demo, I have not met any, but apparently there are rival reporters and some cool boss creatures to out-dance on your way!

Also, a fact that I haven’t mentioned is that there are also some specific objectives, like saving some Japanese tourists, and other people too, who are important to the main storyline.


There’s a storyline?

Oh yes! Apparently the storyline is quite involving, with many twists and turns along the way! Cool, huh?!


"Don't use the wrong ray gun, or it's bye bye to the bloke in blue!"

Sounds very cool! So, what about lifespan?

Well, I am sad to say, that this game is not supposed to last all that long. You could complete it in a couple of hours. However, that is only the case if you are amazingly good at these kinds of games. Because this game has a lot to do with being able to push buttons at the right time, you have to be pretty good at keeping the rhythm if you are to complete it that quickly! If you are a bit challenged in that area, however, it could take you longer. However, if you have no rhythm and get impatient easily, this game is not for you.

Also, there are other things that add a bit more longlivety to the game. For instance, there are special characters to get such as the hilarious ‘Space Michael Jackson’ and character profiles can be obtained of each and every character! You can also get different routes through the game after successfully completing it!


Is it all motion-captured then?

Oh yes, but to the highest standards ever! The dancing on this game is second to none! It flows realistically, as does the walking and all the other actions performed by everyone! Although a lot of moves are repeated often, it doesn’t really matter that much as they are so life-like, humorous and entertaining to watch!


So… what is your final preview verdict?

I cannot wait for this game to be released! It is a fun game that will keep you with a huge grin plastered on your face at all times! It is a joy to play, and looks so stylish you could drool! However, it may be a bit short lived, and is definitely not for everyone! But don’t let that spoil it for those of you who are interested!

Full review coming soon!

Andrew Dickinson

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>>Download some exclusive Space Channel 5 wallpapers!



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