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Sega GT 

Developer  Sega
Publisher  Sega
Genre  Racing
Players  1-2
Rumble  Yes
Extras  Steering wheel

Sega have been driving [!] to put as many racing games onto the shop shelves in as many weeks. Sega GT has been available on import for ages, and fortunately some changes have been made to the European version.

Sega GT is based on the Japanese racing tournament "Gran Turismo", which conveniently is the name of that well loved Sony game.

However that is where the similarity ends. Sega GT reminds me a lot of the old Arcade and Saturn game "Sega Touring Car Championship". This is because of two reasons; the first is the way that the cars handle. Gentle nudges on the analogue stick are required to keep your car on the fastest line possible.

Secondly many of the tracks have racing barriers very close to the track so any mistake you make will be punished with you sliding into the barriers, then ricoheting between opposite barriers before finally getting back on the racing line only to find yourself at the back of the race.

Sega GT is a good racing game as you actually get to compete in proper races, which actually adhere to more realistic circumstances. Let me explain. In some racing games such as the ridge racer series you would never see all 8 cars battling it out they would be staggered around the track and you would over take them with little hassle. Whilst Sega GT splits the race into two, with the top 3 cars battling and then cars 4 thru 6 having their own separate battle. This works exceptionally well as the CPU cars will actually 'battle' you for the lead. I can only guess why this has been done, and my guess is that with less cars on screen the Dreamcast can deal with more complex algorithms which results in a proper race which you actually have to work for. However it does cause a problem if you driving is too good for the back cars but not good enough for the top 3 cars, in situations like this you end up having a very lonely race

The way the cars handle will not please everyone, but if you persevere you will learn to love the twitchy style. As you get to drive the faster more powerful cars, control proves hard, maybe too hard. Problems arise with keeping you car in a straight line. All to frequently you will end up zig-zagging across the tracks hitting the barriers and failing to correct your car.

Sega GT does annoy in 2 really important aspects. First is the "half hearted" car customisation. It does not seem to fit the rest of the game. The makers have tried to create Sony's Gran Turismo game on the Dreamcast.

What would have worked better is just simple options like, breaking distances, drift/grip settings, Transmission. Basically the customisation options that appeared in Sega Touring Car Championship.

Secondly the control system although workable, causes frustration when the CPU cars hit you. What happens is they keep on going but your car gets bumped into the barriers, then you have to correct your cars zig-zag tendencies and try and get back into the race, which often is not possible.


The sound in Sega GT is good. The car sfx is meaty and sounds manly. However the illusion is destroyed when you begin you first race in you tiny hatchback car! The music is good mixing that Japanese pop which is subsequently better than the usual bippy boppy fare.

Sega GT is a better game than MS-R. A bold claim maybe, but Sega GT is a racing game. Those people who want to race around tracks battling some real good CPU cars will love Sega GT. In the static images the graphics do look very average, but this is misleading as Sega GT looks and sounds amazing. The only difference between the European and Japanese versions is the inclusion of the European cars.

Sega GT is a good but could have been an excellent game if it had just included another control system more akin to Sega Touring Car Championship. Buy Sega GT if you are after a serious challenge, and you will not be disappointed.




Good solid car models. Backgrounds can look sparse on some tracks.
Sound 6.0 Good engine noise and suitable music.
Gameplay 6.0 Lots of cars to earn, however with only 8 tracks available people may not bother.
Lifespan 6.0

This game will last you for a long time, basically because you will play it a little not often. However if you can 'get' the controls then you will find an enjoyable racing game.

Overall 6/10

"Driving a Sega GT car is much like entertaining a beautiful women.   Too fast too soon, will result in you hitting the barrier. So go steady and admire the track side detail."


By Faz

You ever played one of those games that you desperately try to love, but just can’t?  Read on.  Sega GT, being Sega’s answer to the Gran Turismo, is not quite the Gran Turismo beater we all hoped for.  Even though the graphics kick Gran Turismo up the ass, they are not brilliant when compared against Le Mans, Metropolis Street Racer and Ferrari 355.  The music is average and the sound effects thrilling; the combination of your Dodge Viper screaming 9000 revs per minute through your sub woofer overshadowing some funky soundtrack is fantastic!    From the McDonalds cup to the 1000m straight, the 15 lap endurance race to the Factory-car races, the wealth of events to race a possible 136 beasts won’t disappoint.  There are lots of modes of play and the ability to build a race car from scratch helps Sega GT stand out of a crowded genre.

Remember Pong, how the ball went from left to right and back.  Now think Sega GT.  The handling of the cars, especially the powerful racers, is tough.  You’ll find yourself bouncing from wall to wall on many occasions, until you get the car to go in a straight line again.  There is a definite over steer problem.  It is somehow possible to take 90 degree turns at over 70mph.  A very annoying aspect of racing is the tendency that the cars have to bounce.  While taking corners, your car may well find the back end of your motor bouncing up and down ALOT.  If you get too close to the barriers, your car sometimes ‘sticks’ to the plane, decelerating to 30mph with an incredibly irritating scream of your engine gasping for breath at 12,000 rpm.  At other times your car may just bounce off the surface.  Executing cool, controlled powerslides are out of the question; it sometimes feels as if you are playing on a Scaletrix.  Is this game supposed to be an arcade game or simulation? 

7/10 - If you can master the tough handling or want your very own Gran Turismo for now then this is the game for you, for now.  If not, steer clear of it. 



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