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Staff Writer (main reviewer)


Name:   Sam Ant Smith  
Age: 22
AKA: Sammy
Location:   Surrey, UK
Occupation:   Freelance 3D Graphic Designer. Looking for permanent employment
Interests:   Regular editorial writer on  Sharing my interests and talents with others in an on-line portfolio at, .  Scriptwriting and 3D modeling/animation and basic programming in Director.
Other activities have spanned; Tennis; Badminton ; Drawing ; Reading ; Writing ; Cinema; Computer Graphics, Animation and Video Editing; Internet Design ; Socialising; Manga/Anime and 'role playing' games.
Staff role:   Main games Reviewer, and articles writer
Top 5 Dreamcast games
1. Street Fighter 3: Third Strike Fight for the Future
2. Dead or Alive 2
3. Resident Evil Code Veronica
4. Marvel VS Capcom 2
5. Puyo Puyo 4
Top 5 games ever
[ Give me your top 5 ever Sam! ]
Favourite gaming quote: 
'Are you man enough to fight with me?'
          -"Mada mada ne!" [Rose from Street Fighter Alpha]

Which next-gen console will you support most?
X Box
Game Cube
Playstation 2
I quit gaming!


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