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The Top 20 Best DC Games EVER!!! – READERS VOTE RESULTS!!! - Page 2


Okay! Time to check out the top 20!!! We’re going from 20 to 10….

20) Samba de Amigo – 11 points:

This game is the ultimate DC party game, and although only released in limited numbers, it still seems to a popular game! Shake those maracas!!!

Joint 18th) Grandia 2/The House of the Dead 2 – 14 points:

Grandia 2 is one of three great DC RPG’s… and it enters here at 18. A traditional RPG with good voice acting, cute characters, amazing settings and a cool story. No wonder it got into the top 20!!!


The House of the Dead 2 was the first light gun game to be released on the DC, and according to our Sam, is the best of the three now available! Well worth a look… especially now Electronics Boutique are selling it with a light gun for £29.99!


Joint 16th) Quake 3: Arena/Daytona USA 2001 – 18 points

Quake 3 is the only online FPS game on the DC in Europe, and is enjoyed by many for its fun fraggin’ action! Grab a keyboard and mouse and get online now!  

Daytona, the classic arcade legend, finally gets a DC conversion, and its pretty damn good! If only they kept the online mode for Europe… Oh well… we can’t have everything!  

15) Space Channel 5 – 20 points:

Along with Samba, this could be classed as the best rhythm game on the DC… maybe on any console! Featuring the sexy space vixen, Ulala, you must dance your way to victory against those evil Morolians! What more could you want??? A sequel, maybe?  

14) Tony Hawks Skateboarding 2 – 26 points:

The original is quite high in this chart too… but the sequel has been hailed as the better version. More skating fun than you could imagine… why not get on that board and get out there now? It’s well worth your time!!!  

13) NFL 2K1 – 29 points:

American football… not the best seller in Europe… but we do have American readers on DCS… and they obviously love this sports title! If you like American football… you’ll love this!!!

12) Virtua Tennis – 32 points:

SEGA’s excellent tennis title makes its way into the chart, and why not? With great gameplay, and strikingly realistic animations, the second sports title in our top 20 is certainly one playable game!!!

11) NBA 2K1 – 33 points:

Just above Virtua Tennis, I think this one was voted for by the Yanks again, right guys? They must love their sports games… that’s three in the top 20! Anymore to come??? Wait and see!!!


Okay… click on the link below to find out positions 10 to 6!!!

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